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A Portfolio of Images

This is a collection of my best work so far. The photographs here go back to the year 2007, when I first bought a DSLR. From about 2000+ images that I have shot till date, I have selected this list of ~200 photos. The process of culling was brutal, but done to showcase only the very best. You can also see my photo blog collection to see my progression as a photographer.

This collection is roughly categorized as ‘Outdoor and Nature, Street and People, Travel and Architecture. Click any of these buttons to filter the photographs by category.

I have selected photographs for the portfolio based on the following criteria:

  • Image Quality. You will find images taken with all sorts of cameras and lenses here. Some of the images date back to 2007 when the best digital SLR I could own was 8 megapixel. However, from the very beginning of my journey, I have followed the essential best practices on the field and in post processing to maintain image quality. While a lot of photographs look good on the tiny screen of a mobile phone or desktop computer, I have tried to select only those photos that stand the test of archival printing.
  • Lighting. Lighting is what separates a good photograph from a bad. And identifying the right light to shoot in is what separates a skilled photographer from a bad one. It takes a lot of hard work and good luck to get the right light to make the kind of photographs you have in mind. For this reason, even after almost a decade of photography, my photography portfolio has only a modest number of images.
  • Emotional Appeal. This is a subjective criteria to select images. A lot of photographs I have shot are a result of hard work. Especially that that I have shot in tough places like the Himalayas. Naturally, these images have an emotional appeal to me, the photographer. But I have tried to keep my personal investment aside and select images that I think would have a broader appeal.
  • Composition. All good pictures somewhere follow the rules of design and composition. This is again one of those areas of this art form where the learning is continuous. Sometimes compositions come to me instantly, but most other times they involve a lot of thinking and planning.

All these images are available for sale on archival paper. Contact me for details.


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