Spider Hunter

The spider hunter belongs to the family of sunbirds. They are characterized by long strongly curved bills. This particular fella was very busy collecting nectar, and I had a good timing chasing [...]

Butterfly Love

This image was shot using a 50mm 1.2L lens, with an extension tube attached. The 50L is one of the fastest lenses from Canon, which means it has a very shallow depth of field. By adding a [...]

Boganandishwara Temple

The kalyani at the Boganandishwara Temple is a very interesting space. From this photograph, you can see how perfectly geometrical it is. This photograph is a minor effort to capture the already [...]

Coracale Carnival

I call this the Coracle Carnival only because of the number of coracles that were present that way. But at hogenakkal falls, I think this is just another weekend. The falls are really beautiful, [...]