An Evening in Shillong

I was in Meghalaya recently and it felt absolutely wonderful to be so close to the natural world, and yet not too far from civilisation. My travel was confined to Sohra and Jaintia hills, and I [...]


“Mama’s gonna keep you right here Under her wing she won’t let you fly but she might let you sing Mama will keep baby cosy and warm”

Coracale Carnival

I call this the Coracle Carnival only because of the number of coracles that were present that way. But at hogenakkal falls, I think this is just another weekend. The falls are really beautiful, [...]

One Headlight

“One Headlight” is a popular song by a band called “The Wallflowers.” What could represent this song better, than this photograph? 🙂

The road ahead

The NICE road is not too far away from where I live in J.P Nagar. This stretch offers some nice landscape opportunities. This is a black and white version of a beautiful sunset. The colors are [...]