This is a beautiful sunset at India’s farthest point down South. This place was a sparsely populated beach close to Kanyakumari. It feels wonderful to be at the extreme end of India.

Awaiting the rains

I shot this image using a Samyang 14 f/2.8 lens, mounted on a 5D Mark II. This combination produces excellent results. I took 3 different exposures to balance the top half and bottom half of the [...]


“I once took the blue pill…” Honestly, I did not know what to call this photograph. What struck me the most was this vibrant door, among these pillars. The door signified a way [...]

One Headlight

“One Headlight” is a popular song by a band called “The Wallflowers.” What could represent this song better, than this photograph? 🙂


I found this peeping  tom atop a tree at Nandi. Our photography trips to Nandi are generally to capture birds and maybe landscapes (if the season is right). However, there are small other photo [...]