Mekedaatu is located 100 km from Bangalore. At this spot, a goat is said to have crossed a deep gorge by jumping from one rock, to another. Very close to Mekedaatu is also the confluence of the [...]

Spider Hunter

The spider hunter belongs to the family of sunbirds. They are characterized by long strongly curved bills. This particular fella was very busy collecting nectar, and I had a good timing chasing [...]


This photo represents the joy of seeing really fresh, healthy flowers. I made this image at the Botanical Gardens in Ooty. Maybe it was the climate, or maybe the fresh air – the greenery of [...]


I found this peeping  tom atop a tree at Nandi. Our photography trips to Nandi are generally to capture birds and maybe landscapes (if the season is right). However, there are small other photo [...]


Are monkeys closer to humans, or are humans closer to monkeys? The answer lies in how you perceive what happens around you.

Bee Eater

I don’t shoot a lot of birds. But on a trip to my native, I found a lot of birds in scenic locations. I was carrying the necessary equipment (a tele lens) and I managed to shoot this bee [...]

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