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View of Chandratal Lake and Himalayan mountains behind while doing a parikrama around

We were rushing to finish the 4 km Parikrama around Chandratal lake. It was getting late, and we were worried that the sun would go down and plunge the surrounding in darkness. The winds had picked speed and the air was cold. At 4,300 metres above MSL, the situation felt risky. Just when we were trying to race to the other end of Chandratal lake, wonderful colors began appearing in the sky. This spectacle could not be missed. We had to get to the other end, but we  couldn’t get enough of the sight in front of us.

I decided to stop and spend a moment taking photographs of the sun setting over Chandratal lake. By sheer co-incidence, the golden hue of the sun was around the tallest peak in sight.  This was a once in a life-time moment for me – and certainly the epitome of my trip to Spiti Valley.

A lot goes behind making a photograph, which is not always evident. I took this frame with a Canon 24mm Tilt Shift lens and a Canon 5D Mark 3. This is very expensive gear, and I have sacrificed a lot in life to be able to afford it. I am more than grateful that during this golden opportunity, I had the best of what I could afford. The hard work paid off, so this photograph means a lot to me.

To read about my Spiti trip, click here. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

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