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Chitrakote Falls in monochrome

Chitrakote Falls in Chattisgargh is a sight to behold. The massive flow of water from the Indravathi river as it tumbles down red rock which has weathered over aeons is proof that nature is raw in its purest form. In this image I have taken away all colour from the photograph to show how slowing down time for a few seconds can alter what we see with our eyes. To see more photos from my trip to Chattisgarh, read my blog: http://www.pratapj.com/travel/waterfalls-bastar-region-chhattisgarh/

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  • roslia santamaria

    Really , such a mesmerizing view. It was an experience and memory to watch live such a view.
    Thanks for the post .. !! And I loved the picture
    Keep Blogging !!

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