Chitrakote Falls

  Chitrakote Falls in Chattisgargh is a sight to behold. The massive flow of water from the Indravathi river as it tumbles down red rock which has weathered over aeons is proof that nature [...]

Monsoon in Hampi

Climbing Mathanga hill is one of my favorite activities in Hampi. The climb is not particularly easy. but it offers very nice views of the entire landscape around Hampi. Going up before sunrise [...]

Disappearing Farms

There used to be a  time when friends and I did not have to travel too far from urban Bangalore to get a feel of the country side. Within an hour’s drive, you would leave behind the urban [...]

Hogenakkal Falls

Hogenakkal is a beautiful picnic spot in Tamil Nadu. The river Cauvery converges from many small streams to flow as one large river. The small streams form beautiful waterfalls, and gorges in the [...]

The Sky Moves Sideways

And the sun smears yellow! This image was shot at Om Beach in Gokarna. The evening was silent and the sunset was beautiful. And yes, I said silent. When was the last time you enjoyed the sunset [...]

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