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Common Kingfisher at Satpura

I visited Satpura in December 2015 as a guest of Forsyth Lodge. We went on different types of safaris in the forest across the Denwa river. Of all our excursions, I loved the canoe ride across the Denwa river the best. I got the best bird photos ever, that morning. And of all the birds that I shot, this common Kingfisher was the friendliest. We watched in awe as it patiently preened itself. I shot several frames and almost every one of them was a keeper.

If you ever visit Satpura, don’t miss the canoe ride early in the morning. This is a great way to experience not just the wildlife near the banks, but also watch the sunrise. On our trip we also went on a jungle walk. To read about the various activities offered by Forsyth Lodge, read my travel report here.

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