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At the Sun Temple in Orissa

Colorful stuff on sale near the Konark Temple, Orissa

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  • John R. Sittinger

    Very nice. Obviously, a very colorful choice of subject. Lovely contrasts. More subtle is the repetition of forms (lots of triangles, also nice). Good cropping, as well. I always seem to fuss over where to “draw the lines” when I want my subject to pop & have a little left over around the edges. I’ve tried darkening the perimeter matter in PS, sometimes with good results (I did this extensively with some of my orchid pictures) but that can cut down on the realism & immediacy of your image. The details in the bottom right corner, for example, detract a bit from the overall symmetry of the picture but add a delightful sense of place.

    Anyway, I like it. Keep on posting.

    • Pratap

      Hi John,

      Thank you for your detailed critique. I think you are referring to vignetting when you say “darkening the perimeter “. This is a very common technique in post. I agree that it would work here to avoid the distracting elements. But I wanted to leave this image as natural as possible because I wanted to convey the colorfulness I saw in reality – which is the most striking aspect of this photograph.

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