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Nandi hills view greenery

Whilst Bangalore is known as the Garden City, a short drive away from the city center will put you directly in touch with nature. Nandi Hills, popular with all sections of society for its therapeutic beauty, is one such location.  Unfortunately it can become very crowded during weekends. For a landscape photographer, people in natural places is a problem. So how did I overcome this?

There are areas of Nandi which are unknown to the general public. If you pick the right time of the day and use the right mode of transport, a visit to Nandi hills can be extremely rewarding. Here is one such photo that I made on a Sunday from Nandi. The mountain to the left, which is covered in mist, is Skandagiri. Tall green grass covered the slopes of the hill, fresh after being watered by rain. Dark clouds hung low, threatening to empty themselves. A cool breeze forced us to wear our jackets. Weekends like this make me smile.

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