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Lepakshi Temple Linga Statue

Nandi hills is a popular drive from Bangalore. Situation on the outskirts, it is on the highway to Hyderabad. But did you know that if you drove further towards the border between Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh there is a place called Lepakshi? Here you will find the beautiful black Lingam, with a seven headed serpent shading it, both carved out of stone.

Situated in the Anantpur district, the Veerabhadra Temple is where you will find the 12 feet Nagalinga. Another popular structure nearby is the Nandi (divine Bull). 4.5m high and 8.23m long, it is one of the largest in India. The drive to Lepakshi would take around 2 hours from Bangalore. The highway is generally empty and the roads are great.

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