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Lighthouse at Kaup Beach, Karnataka

Kaup is a small town near the highway connecting Mangalore and Manipal. The entire stretch of road runs parallel to the west coast of India. Of the many small and big beaches here, Kaup is famous because of the light house. In late 2012, a friend and I did a road trip along the coast starting from Mangalore, and terminating at Kundapur. I continued my journey further to Gokarna thus touching upon almost all the major beaches in Karnataka.

I shot this photo with a 1D Mark IV that I had rented. The 1D Mark IV is highly regarded as a sports camera, but here you can see that it shines in landscape photography as well. I love the smooth tones in this photo – a characteristic of a high quality sensor. Later in the trip, I used the camera to shoot my friend’s wedding, where it served me well.

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  • Prashanth

    Love the colors there. Nice shot

  • Murali

    Amazing place by a perfect shooter … love the range of blue…

  • Pratap J

    Thanks guys 🙂

  • Somanath

    Beautiful shot! Is this shot at dawn or dusk ?

    • Pratap J

      This was shot at dusk 🙂 Thank you for stopping by.

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