Mysore Palace Lit Up

Ambavilas Palace popularly known as Mysore Palace is a beautiful structure and the pride of Karnataka. On Sundays and public holidays, the Palace is lit up. A thousand incandescent bulbs turn the [...]

Revisiting Kaup Beach

In 2014, I posted a picture of the lighthouse in Kaup Beach. That photo went on to sell in exhibitions and got copied by other websites (without my permission of course). I guess I can say it was [...]

Monsoon in Hampi

Climbing Mathanga hill is one of my favorite activities in Hampi. The climb is not particularly easy. but it offers very nice views of the entire landscape around Hampi. Going up before sunrise [...]

Somnathpura near Mysore

Mysore road is chock-o-block on weekends. The other way to get to Mysore is via Kanakpura-Mavalli-Bannur. This route is extremely scenic and not very congested. River Cauvery showers her blessing [...]