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Kaup Beach Light house near Udupi

In 2014, I posted a picture of the lighthouse in Kaup Beach. That photo went on to sell in exhibitions and got copied by other websites (without my permission of course). I guess I can say it was popular. In 2018, I visited Kaup again and shot this photo of the lighthouse. The weather conditions were different. A storm was approaching, and the same evening, the entire South Canara district saw the heaviest rainfall in a decade. And there I was in the beach at 7.30 am – watching dark clouds approach mainland. I will not forget the making of this picture.

I absolutely love shooting by the ocean. I totally enjoy including lighthouses in my composition. The one at Kaup is certainly very photogenic and for this reason has been featured in many movies. I used a Loxia 21mm and Sony A7r II camera to make this photograph. And no, I did not use any ND filters. Why? Watch out for a blog post on this soon!

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