An Evening in Shillong

I was in Meghalaya recently and it felt absolutely wonderful to be so close to the natural world, and yet not too far from civilisation. My travel was confined to Sohra and Jaintia hills, and I [...]

Himalayan Flower Bed

The journey from Kaza to Chandratal was long and tiresome. The sun was harsh, and I was weary after a sleepless night at Langza. It was probably the high altitude that gave me insomnia, and I [...]

Seema, Uttaranchal

As much as I would have loved to have taken this photo when we left Seema to trek to Har Ki Dun, the prevailing light conditions were not conducive for me to do so. This photograph was taken just [...]

Taluka, Uttaranchal

Some of the most beautiful places in India are not easily accessible. And perhaps, that is why they remain beautiful. This photograph was taken in the village of Taluka, which is about 2 days [...]

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