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Photography by Pratap J

Welcome to my photography blog and website. I am based out of Bangalore, India, and I specialise in outdoor, nature and travel photography. I have been handling DSLRs since 2007. I am also a travel blogger, photography mentor and print maker.  This website is a non-commercial showcase of my love for nature, travel and the outdoors.

In here, you will find travelogues, guides, and photos that were made with a lot of passion. I have been running this website out of my own income since 2006… read more

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July 2023

  • I just published a new blog and video about the Milky Way trip to Singalila National Park. Check it out here.

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Milky Way Photography Trip in Singalila National Park

In October 2022, I visited Singalila National Park in West Bengal, India, as part of a photography group. The itinerary was planned exclusively for four nights of Milky Way photography. Singalila National Park is a place of immense natural beauty. However there is a very short window to shoot the Milky Way, in that region. […]

Dholavira in Kutch – Untouched Mysteries

I visited the island of Khadir Bet in Gujarat in September 2022. The ancient ruins of the Harappan Civilization is situated in Dholavira, a village to the west of the island. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ruins at Dholavira were excavated between 1990 to 2005. Khadir Bet is connected to the mainland […]

Monsoon Road Trip in Malenadau, Karnataka

There are several ways to enjoy the rains. With the recent pandemic induced work from home situation, a lot of us have been hearing and watching raindrops from the comforts of our home. But you know what’s a better way to enjoy the monsoon? It is by hitting the road, and watching nature wear the […]

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