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Jenukallu Gudda at Yellapur near Sirsi

Image from www.pixelshooter.net or www.pratapj.com. Image is copyrighted. Contact hi@pratapj.in for re-use elsewhere.

Second time lucky, viewing a glorious sunset at Jenu Kallu Gudda, in Uttara Karnataka. The first time I got to this location, it was past sunset and all I saw was a feeble glow of a sun that had already set. But the second time, I got there in time to view the sun playing hide and seek behind clouds. This spot is 17 km from Yellapur, close to Magod falls, and accessible by vehicle. The last few kilometers of road is not tarred, but the drive is totally worth it. If you are visiting Jenu Kallu Gudda, be sure to be there for sunset! From here, you have a panoramic and brilliant view of Bedti River valley and surrounding mountains. They are Kodekallu Gudda and Balekallu Gudda. This place is close to Magod falls, but you may have to ask for directions to get there.

Here is the correct Google Maps location for Jenukallu Gudda. The one that shows up in search is incorrect. I have submitted a correction to Google, but I am not sure if my correction will reflect when you search.

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  • chandini

    the place is awesome, we all friends are planning to visit it…. wanna know some information, can you just give me your contact number so that i can get some needful info….

    with regards,

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