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Chunchi Falls at Bangalore

Chunchi falls is around 70 km from Bangalore, off the Kanakapura-Sangama road. The Arkavathi river cuts through ancient rock and falls into a narrow gorge here. Being summer, the water was flowing thin and did not present anything grand but the pond that you see in this frame had enough water to look inviting. The abstract rock formations and the serenity all around kept my creative juices flowing. There were plenty of small birds for company, and curious rock lizards occasionally wanted to know what we were up to on their turf.

Chunchi falls is not very popular. We reached there by 6.30 am, and had the place to ourselves until about 10 am. This gave us the opportunity to explore the area and get close to the water without any risk of being washed away. The Arkavathi river meets the Cauvery river about 10 km from here. That place, unimaginatively called Sangama, sees more tourist crowd.  My earlier visit to Sangama was quite fruitful and Chunchi falls did not disappoint either.  In fact, Chunchi falls offers more variety in terms of photo-ops. Watch this space for more!

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