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Village of Taluka on the Har-Ki-Dun Trek

Some of the most beautiful places in India are not easily accessible. And perhaps, that is why they remain beautiful. This photograph was taken in the village of Taluka, which is about 2 days away from Deharadhun in Uttaranchal. Generally only trekkers to either Har Ki Dun or Bali Pass pass stop by at this village. We were on our way to Har Ki Dun, and Taluka was our second halt. It was a cold evening, and I shot this in the last light of the day, at 7 pm. The snow clad mountain at the distance is the direction in which we were to head the next day. The structure on the right of the photograph is a mule owner’s house, and I had a few curious mules looking at me when I set up my tripod to take these the 5 exposures that I merged into an HDR.

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