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The Village of Sankri on the Har-Ki-Dun Trek

As much as I would have loved to have taken this photo when we left Seema to trek to Har Ki Dun, the prevailing light conditions were not conducive for me to do so. This photograph was taken just after showers threatened to disrupt our trek back from Har Ki Dun. Any reasonably seasoned trekker would know that getting wet in the high mountains makes you feel very cold, much quickly than otherwise. We literally rushed down from 11000 feet to 8000 feet to beat  the impending rain. To our luck, we encountered only brief showers. The rain filled clouds had just cleared, and the mountains were a little wet when I took this shot.

Seema is the last village on the trek  to Har Ki Dun. Click on the image to view it full size, and look closely – you can see some buildings near the bridge. This is the GMVN guest house. There is nothing really noteworthy in Seema. The twin village of Osla is where the villagers live. The villagers travel between Seema and Osla with great ease. Of course, much to our envy! If only I had their agility and speed, I would have probably been able to make more such images.

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