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Somnathpur near Mysore

Mysore road is chock-o-block on weekends. The other way to get to Mysore is via Kanakpura-Mavalli-Bannur. This route is extremely scenic and not very congested. River Cauvery showers her blessing all along. There are also tourist spots on roads deviating from State Highway 33. One such spot is Somnathpur.

The first thing that strikes you when you enter the high walled complex is how similar the architecture of the temple is to  the ones at Belur and Halebid. Indeed, they all follow the Hoysala style of architecture. The intricate carvings and symmetrical designs instantly appeal to one’s aesthetic senses. The Kesava temple was built by one of the more recent Hoysala kings. It is consequently much better preserved. In this photograph I have tried to capture the symmetry of the temple by using a frame within a frame type of composition.

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