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Savandurga temple during sunset

Savandurga is a very popular trekking spot near Bangalore. The largest monolith rock in Asia lies here, and entices thrill seekers from the city. However, surrounding the massive mountain are a few small hillocks and water bodies which many tourists choose to ignore. These are the spots which are a treat to photographers.

Exploring the area around Savandurga, we stumbled upon the ruins of an ancient temple. Not much about this structure is available on the internet. It is largely cut off from the main hillock, because a deep gorge surrounding it. Probably there is another approach to the place, but we couldn’t go close.

The large monolith, sparse forest, ruins of a fort, and this mysterious temple all make Savandurga a very interesting place. The smaller hillock is much easier to climb, and definitely not unworthy of the effort. The couple of hours we spent at Savandurga yielded plenty of keepers.

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