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Rocky terrain and streams near Shea Goru

Shea Goru is a place where we camped after crossing Hampta Pass. I shot this photo when I trekked to Hampta Pass in August 2016. It was raining on all days of our trek which made it very difficult for us to walk. The gloomy weather also meant that I did not shoot a lot of photos. However, upon reaching the Shea Goru campsite, we saw sunshine for the first time after 3 days. Although this lasted only for a short while, Shea Goru is where I shot a lot of photos. This was also a very pretty camp site beside a river. Situated in a valley, from our tents we could see tall snow clad mountains as well as wild flowers strewn all across.

To see more photos from my Hampta Pass trek, click here.

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