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A lone tree beside a waterbody near Bangalore

A full moon can be hauntingly beautiful. But it is also very difficult to capture in a photograph. Yesterday, when I saw the moon rise from behind hillocks, I couldn’t help but gaze in wonder at how beautiful nature can arrange elements. Sigh, if only we choose to see.

At a location just 90 km from home, this not-so secluded water body drew a few of us like-minded nature lovers for an evening of photography. As we wandered in search of vantage points, I came across this lone tree which stood silently, as if waiting for something or someone to strike it so it may fall down, decay and mix with the earth. But who would cry over a dead tree? People were either busy drinking, shouting and making merry like a bunch of boys nearby, or trying to create art from whatever is left of nature, like us photographers.

This composition is to thank the tree for its contribution. Indeed, we humans have an intimate connection with trees. Maybe the tree will not be there when the full moon rises again, or maybe it will find new life when monsoon comes.  I wish I could see the forest for the trees.

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