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Sunrise at Nelligudda kere near Bidadi

There used to be a time when it was good fun to shoot within Bangalore. But the city has grown and there are very few opportunities to shoot natural scenes now. As you go away from the city, there are still a few places where you can use your wide angle lens. One such place is Nelligudde lake in Bidadi. It is surprising close to the highway, but yet in a very natural setting. That morning, a friend a I had motorcycled down to Nelligudde to catch the sunrise. It was a pleasant ride, and the weather, though overcast, cleared up for a magnificent sunrise. The colors were the best I had witnessed in 2017. Though it lasted only for a few minutes, I managed to get a few frames in spite of having a brain-freeze thanks to the overwhelming display of colors.

And if the sunrise wasn’t memorable enough, a rainbow appeared on the western side of the lake. It was by chance that I turned around to see it. My friend Srinivasa managed to capture it. Do watch the short video of our ride on his blog as well.

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